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#you know thor is gonna go throw his room all ‘I USED TO HAVE ONE!’ just so he can give it to jane so she can take apart    #maybe he can’t find out and asks volstagg for one bc his kids have 300    #but also!!! THAT SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS AN ASGARDIAN BALL IS SO ADVANCED    #and jane finds such wonder in it    #and even when she realised that it’s ball it doesn’t take away from it    #and thor doesn’t mock her for it    #he thinks it’s cute    #he’s definitely gonna find that ball    #he’s sure he had one    #maybe he broke it

Yeah, I can’t resist to reblog just to remind everybody that Thor fell for Jane Foster in the first place because she was so damn clever, and curious, and passionate about her work, and obstinate, and he was impressed and amazed and so touched to see the humans more resourceful than he thought and hey, here is another bit of Thor’s personality, he’s just so happy to have been proven wrong now that it allows him to see the best in people—

I just fail to understand why so many would dislike Jane Foster, and even more erase her character from their works; she is absolutely marvellous, both unbelievable and terribly realistic, adorable and awkward, driven but sweet, kind but relentless, and so fucking gifted. And there are people wondering why Thor is interested in her?! Argh!

Also this scene is quite wonderful: you have two people who had a crush on each other last time they met, but who have been unable to see each other since, and the current events are hardly allowing them to get to know each other better—and they kinda find themselves in the same situation they were last time, and you see how they reconnect and it’s just perfect. Perfectly untimely and a little bit tragic, too.

You see; this, this right here, is why I like them together.  Jane is utterly fascinated by this child’s toy and Thor thinks that’s amazing.  How someone could find wonder in something that he probably takes for granted.  This relationship doesn’t get nearly enough love in this fandom, because people are to busy hating on the female character that the main character loves.  And I really don’t understand that.  I think that, originally, Jane was sort of meant to be the audience substitute.  The person who asks all the questions that the audience might have about the world that Thor inhabits.  But the cool part about Jane is that she’s more than that.  She’s the kind of scientist who finds the universe an endlessly fascinating place, and all the things that she’s encountered through her relationship with Thor has opened her up to possibilities that no one on Earth has ever even dreamed of.  

TL;DR: Jane is one awesome Science Lady and she deserves more respect for that.

Not only is Jane the audience’s substitute, but she is the audience’s clever and curious substitute, something practically unheard of in a fantasy or sci-fi blockbuster; usually the role of the audience’s viewpoint is filled in by a male character who ends up being the saviour of the indigenous species, thanks to all his Earthly knowledge.

Jane is both characteristically human and extraordinarily curious, filled with joy at the prospect of learning something new. She doesn’t dread the unknown, she sees an opportunity to learn more about the world. This is so very precious, so damn positive. And the best thing is that it still feels completely effortless. People who claim she doesn’t have a personality clearly haven’t seen the same movies I have.

Perhaps not so strangely, Thor and Jane’s relationship when it comes to science reminds me of the best hours of Doctor Who, where an old and learned character from a terribly advanced civilisation took an evident pleasure in getting to see the universe anew through the virgin eyes of curious and eager companions.

Thor himself is a formidable and deep character, because he obviously loves to learn as well. He adapts incredibly quickly, and he’s all ready to transform a prejudice into a life lesson. You can visibly see that what attracts him in Jane is her strength, her strengths, and certainly not the prospect of hovering over a frail and tiny human. When he looks at her, he doesn’t see tiny, he doesn’t see petty and ignorant; on the contrary, he sees greatness in mind and in potential.

This is such an unusual way of portraying romantic relationships, you have no idea. It makes me so angry to see people in the fandom retort that Jane is no role model for them because she’s too good, or because she’s not Asgardian, or because she’s not Loki. She is both exceptional and so laughably, so warmly human—typically human, but without the mandatory arrogance that clings to male characters in similar situations.

#Foster’s Fellows indeed.

Jaaaaaaaane. I really want Jane to gain huge longevity and become the pseudo-Norse Goddess of SCIENCE!! because can you imagine her with ten thousand years to explore the cosmos? She would still be this excited about everything at the end of it. She would still be delighting at watching the birth of a star or the a new kind of matter or learning new things about Infinity Stones, finding out how her daughter’s new toy works. Because Jane loves the universe.

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My only feelings this season

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They look pretty exhausted

What kind of enjoyable activities could they have possibly done before napping?

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Fitz Week  Day 1: Favourite Moments

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This came from an anonymous prompt asking for Robin to be a hot DILF Regina wants to bang. I mean, that was basically it, that was the whole prompt. Somehow it turned into DILF watch on my blog, so I sincerely hope you all enjoy the result! Unbeta’d but I like living life on the edge, so.


The first time Regina noticed him, she was picking up Henry from school, waiting in front of her car. He was leaning against his, drinking coffee, and her eyes wandered down his frame, then back up to his face. He was looking back at her by the time she traveled back to his face and winked, which made her roll her eyes as the bell rang and children came pouring through the doors. His was young, a backpack almost as big as he was strapped to his shoulders, and she smiled just a little before her own son emerged, granting her a smile when he saw her. With on more glance at the other man, Regina and Henry got into the car, leaving school behind for the weekend. But she thought about him, a man with dimples she wouldn’t have missed seeing before.

Monday was teacher conference day which meant no school for the kids, but as Regina walked through the hall toward Henry’s classroom she saw a vaguely familiar boy admiring the lockers, reaching up to turn the dials.


Regina turned at the sound of the voice which, without a body of students to absorb the noise, echoed in the halls. It was the same man again, though he was closer now and she could see that his eyes were an impossible blue that crinkled when he grinned as he playfully grabbed for his boy. And then, his eyes turned to her and if he thought she didn’t notice him starting on her legs and making his way up her body, he was an idiot.

She didn’t hate it, though.

"If we’re to continue running into each other this way, shouldn’t we at least know one another’s names?" he queried, and she raised an eyebrow.



A small voice chimed in. “Roland!” 

Both adults laughed until a teacher called for Regina and she turned to acknowledge the woman before looking back at Robin. “I do hope I’ll see you Tuesday after school,” she murmured, and then she was gone, leaving Robin to grin in her wake.

Tuesday afternoon was met with much anticipation, and Regina shifted from foot to high heeled foot as she waited on Robin to arrive. He was late and she was irritated, though she knew rationally she had no reason to be. She was about to simply get in the car to wait for Henry until she heard a rich voice behind her and she was smiling before he finished his sentence.

"Coffee, for the lady. I take you for a fan light milk."

Taking the paper cup, Regina laughed, unable to contain a smile at his correct assumption. “You’re right. Is that your gift? Correctly predicting coffee orders?”

"Oh, there are others I’m sure," he said, voice pitched low in a way that made Regina’s stomach flip.

"Why have I never seen you here before?" she asked, suddenly very aware of how close they were standing to one another.

"Roland switched from morning half days to afternoon. Do I get a question now?"

Amused, Regina nodded.

"Join me for a drink this evening?"

She wasn’t expecting that and was so thrown off guard that she found herself saying yes.

"Good," he murmured, leaning in and pressing the word against her ear as the bell rang.

Her stomach flipped again, lips parting just a little, and then he was out of her space, focused on his son as he came running into his arms.

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I really thought we have chemistry

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I’m no queen. I’m no leader. I’m just a girl who lost her parents, ran away into the woods and became a bandit.

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Oh hey look, a 12 year-old just grasped the main concepts of The Hunger Games more accurately than most media networks.

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"Was that pepper spray? PEPPER SPRAY? Clint why wasn’t I given pepper spray?"

"Coulson said you weren’t allowed to have any."

"So I have access to all the pointy and explosive weapons in the S.H.I.E.L.D. armoury… but I’m not allowed pepper spray?"

"Not since Sitwell caught you trying to spice up his lunch with a can of it. Fury said you were banned from touching the stuff again."

"Aw, man! Dad never lets me have any fun!"

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